Marvel delays movies

Yipes. Something is going on in the Marvel Universe, because the big M has pushed back the release dates of all their feature films with the exception of Iron Man 2. Below is a snapshot of the predicted Marvel film timeline. Both Thor and The Avengers movies have been pushed back a full year, and the Captain America flick has been pushed back a couple of months. Spider-Man 4 is still on track for a May 2011 release, which means that from May to July 2011 we'll see new Spider-Man, Thor and Captain America movies. Good night. I'm honestly not surprised, because the old timeline were extremely ambitious for releasing that many high profile movies in such a short period of time. Marvel is still kind of new to this whole "movie" business, as in the past they have licensed their characters to other studios for the movie action. Hopefully though they realized that rushing these films would likely draw excessive ire from fans, and want to do it right. I'm guessing though that there are some paycheck issues involved here, as Marvel seems to want to lowball actors for their films.