Marvel MMO due 2012

The rebirth of the Marvel onslaught continues. The latest just happens to be of the video game variety. Recently it was announced that Marvel had signed a deal with Gazillion to develop and release the massive multiplayer online game that was originally scheduled but was then canned for whatever reasons. Simon Phillips, Marvel's president of worldwide consumer products said that the game is slightly further along than we think. “It sounds like a long way away, but it’s not,” he said. “We’ve got to create, together with [game publisher] Gazillion, that environment that is going to be a totally immersive experience and a perpetual storytelling experience as well.” Philips said that he sees MMOs as “the next generation of storytelling.” The current plan has it hitting consoles in 2012, after the fury of Marvel films have come and gone through theaters. You know, continue the brand recognition and all that. Marvel has pretty much faced the fact that it will be behind DC in the race to multiplayer comic book fun, but they have the properties that will make it worth the wait. Marvel MMO due in 2012