Marvel signs massive MMO deal

There was a time when Marvel was feverishly working on a MMO game for the masses. The developers at the time realized that there may be a problem however. The problem was that everyone would be Wolverine, and you can't really have a Marvel MMO where everyone is the same character. Maybe Marvel has learned a thing or two since then, because it appears they're going to try this thing again. The Wall Street Journal reports that Marvel has just signed a 10 (!) year deal with Gazillion Entertainment to make MMOs featuring Marvel characters (and no doubt cause Gazillion's page hits to skyrocket). Now, I'm sure that Marvel saw what DC is doing with Sony and the DC Universe Online game. And they know that they have just as many characters in their universe (if not more) to do a similar game. But will Gazillion simply imitate Sony's game, or is there something else we can expect to see? Gazillion Entertainment is a small startup that boasts partnerships with both LEGO and Marvel, so perhaps we'll see something on both fronts from them? The LEGO MMO has long been rumored, and this may be the company that gives gamers that as well. I'm sure we'll be hearing formal announcements and the like in the near future, so keep your ears open. Marvel signs massive MMO deal