Megan Fox playing Aspen

The late Michael Turner has left behind an awesome legacy with his memorable covers and his studio Aspen Comics. The studio's namesake, Aspen, is the latest on a long list of heroes to get a movie based on them, and it appears that the Aspen movie has found its Aspen: Megan Fox. Latino Review reports that Fox has agreed to play Aspen Matthews in the film penned by Jordan Mechner (of Prince of Persia fame). Many fans may not be very familiar with the character, so for those not in the know Aspen is about a child who was found abandoned on a ship and is adopted by a Captain Matthews. She develops a fondness for water and joins the Olympics but is banned because of taking steroids (apparently everyone is taking them these days). She parlays this setback into a career in marine biology. Will Fox be a great Aspen? I can't really say. I can say however that the thought of watching Fox in the water for an entire movie is certainly quite appealing. Hopefully the story is semi-cohesive. Turner will remain on as executive producer despite his untimely passing last year. Megan Fox playing Aspen