New Arrivals: March 18, 2009

Wednesday is tomorrow, and for those of you in the know it means that there are some new books waiting for you on the shelves. One of those books comes from Zenescope Entertainment, and it would be called Stingers #1. Stingers #1 features an intergalactic tale of desperation and jubilation. The desperation is in the alien race sending stingers coded with the alien DNA across the universe to propagate their species. The jubilation is in the setting in Atlantic City, New Jersey on the cusp of the summer season. Well, maybe not jubilation for the people at the shore, but hey-the aliens have tons of prey. You can check out Omnicomic's review of the issue here. There are spoilers in the review, so keep that in mind. Enjoy! New Arrivals: March 18, 2009