Nicolas Cage wants Ghost Rider 2

Marvel's first Ghost Rider film, featuring Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes, wasn't too terribly successful. Sure, it had Peter Fonda as Mephistopheles and featured Blackheart as well. Throw in some legion and you would think that you'd have an awesome Ghost Rider flick. Didn't quite work as well as Marvel would've planned. That won't stop Marvel from making a sequel however. Cage recently told MTV that he'd really like to see a sequel with some more horror elements in it. “It has to have that action horror element and go deeper into that if it were to happen and [it should] keep us asking questions. Keep it interesting on a philosophical level,” said Cage. I can picture Cage saying that while wildly gesturing his hands and adding in that Cage cadence that he's so fond of. Anyways, the film is set to focus on fighting evil in Europe alongside the Catholic Church. It's undecided if Mark Steven Johnson will come on as writer or director for the film (he was responsible for the first Ghost Rider and Daredevil). So we really only know that Cage wants a sequel, and nothing more than that. Nicolas Cage talks Ghost Rider 2