Preview: Marvel Zombies 4 #1

What is that noise you hear coming towards you? That noise could be a million different things, some of which might be good but most likely might be bad news for you. Watch out as Marvel Zombies strikes again, as coming this April starts Marvel Zombies 4 picking up right where the third installment left off. The creative team behind Marvel Zombies 3 is back and ready for more flesh eating action in this next part of the successful series. The most unlikely of hero groups the Midnight Sons (featuring Morbius, Jennifer Kale, Werewolf by Night, Man-Thing, and Hellstrom) are brought together to go after the superhero zombies that escaped from A.R.M.O.R and are causing havoc around the world. Their chase eventually leads them to a cruise ship that is overrun with the crazed undead under-sea dwelling cannibals. Their goal is stop this rising force of the undead but one person has a say in stopping them. You know him and love him, the man known as the Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool (this guy is all over the place). Deadpool is one of the undead escapees dead set on making sure the Midnight Sons don’t complete their mission. Which side will be victorious in the end? Well you will have to pick this series up when it starts April 8th to find out.