Resident Evil: Comic

The Game Developers Conference is currently going on, but the fact that it's a show about video games won't let comic news get lost in the fold. Capcom (one of the industy heavyweights) was on hand to talk all things, well, Capcom. Which also happened to include the upcoming six issue Resident Evil comic, intuitively titled Resident Evil. Writer Ricardo Sanchez was gracious enough to do an interview with Capcom (they do sign his paychecks), and in it he mentions some of details about the upcoming series. Ricardo mentioned that the game was going to be tied into Resident Evil 5 (fantastic game by the way), but then the direction was changed. In a completely different direction actually. "The new comic book is roughly contemporaneous with RE5, but I'd say occurs just prior to the events of the game, if only because no reference is made to those events. The comic was initially planned as a prequel to the game, but as we developed the story, the comic evolved into a new set of characters that would exist within the Resident Evil universe." So no Chris Redfield. Or Sheva. Who would the book focus on then? Mina Gere, a rookie member of the BSAA, and a veteran mercenary (who must have also been a porn star) named Holiday Sugarman. And it wouldn't be a Resident Evil property without a T-virus, so expec that to be making an appearance as well. The two of them trapse across Grezbekistan (fictional location), South America and even space. Kevin Sharpe and Jim Clark will be doing the art, and Resident Evil #1 is due on April 8. Below are the first four pages of the first issue. Resident Evil: Comic Interview