Review: Heroes - Cold Snap

We're locked in for another episode of strange dialogue decisions and character introductions. Or are we? This week's episode wasn't exactly more of the same, and I'm seeing a faint glimmer of hope for the remaining episodes. Is it really necessary to see stop video shots of Danko shaving? I mean, the contrast with Noah Bennett's nicks from shaving is there for the "opposites" reason. Face scruff aside, his encounter with the gift was somewhat intriguing. The irony was too easy with the Puppet Master presented as a marionette, but whatever. Who left him the gift? Noah? Was that an offhand joke he made, or did he really make it happen? Obviously Danko wasn't too happy with Nathan flying off as apparently he has people waiting for Mrs. Petrelli. Danko no doubt went after her knowing that, as a Petrelli, she has a power. She had a premonition about the incident, however, what good is her premonition five seconds before it happens? She is saved by Peter and the two of them stand in the crown of the Statue of Liberty (which ironically has been closed since September 11, 2001) planning their next move. The Petrellis are aiming at yet another family reunion as both Nathan and Claire will inevitably meet up with them as they fight back. Peter's rescue of his mom is one thing that has bothered me about this show. These heroes are living this entire life within society and no one bats an eyelash. When the calvary chases Mrs. Petrelli into a fancy lobby while the doorman stands idly by, he doesn't stop to think why these people would be chasing an old woman? Or how another man suddenly appeared in the elevator and flew straight up with her? Rebel's appearance at the headquarters released Traci, who in turn releases the other mutants. But then she gets crazy and ventures off on her own and is tracked down by Noah. He offers her the chance to be free if she can deliver to him Rebel. I will say this and of course it will sound right, but the thought that Micah was Rebel came up in recent conversations. It's actually a pretty smart storyline, as it brings him back into the fold under the assumed premise that Traci is his mom. He knows that she isn't, but maybe he's looking for that maternal guidance? Needless to say he's disappointed that she knew she was being followed to find Rebel. Her last stand is turning full ice a la Iceman and getting shattered by Danko's gunshot. I really hope that the writers explain how Micah knows what's going on, as I thought the mutant roundup was supposed to be a clandestine operation. Parkman really does have the best power in the show (behind Sylar), as he completely f'ed with the minds of the guards to show them nothing. It was pretty genuine badass. And then he convinces the doctor not to report the gunshot in Daphne. Are we seeing a possible darker side of Parkman? When he does show his nice side by saving Daphne, she ditches him. That's pretty cold. Even though he tries to give her a love scene from Superman Returns she's still not feeling it. And all of it was an illusion though, as apparently she dies of the gunshot wound. That can't be true because in the future they are together with child. If only there were a hero that could travael through time... I think Parkman's kid is interesting because I believe this is the earliest that a power has been shown as manifesting itself. Parkman Jr.'s power is the ability to activate anything around him...TV, toys, etc. Parkman's ex-wife, Janis, mentioned that Parkman is her ex-husband, and apparently she kept their kid. I was wondering how Hiro would get his power back, and having the baby touch him was somewhat clever actually. He only has the ability to stop time, which presumably means that Ando will supercharge the baby to give Hiro his full power back. The baby will now go on w countrywide tour, restoring Peter's abilities to their fullest and no doubt unlocking some new abilities in someone else when coupled with Ando. This episode must have had new writers or a new director or something because it felt completely different from other episodes. I will say the direction is showing some promise, but they continue to recycle the same character switches over and over. Daphne is presumably dead, and Hiro is on the road to getting his full powers back (Peter as well). And Micah is on the run as Rebel, so it's only a matter of time until he catches up with Claire most likely. Some of the dialogue was rather cheesy but it did advance the story and set up next week's episode. The show is clearly saying that the powers are genetic and triggered by an eclipse, so I guess we have to wait and see what lineage or relation is revealed next giving someone else a power. At this rate, the future where everyone has powers will still be come a reality. Overall Score: 85 out of 100


  1. just dropping off a little i told you so about micah being rebel.


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