Review: Heroes - Exposed

The saga continues! The heroes are more and more on the run and the villains are chasing them further. But which characters are on which sides? Read on for the review of last night's episode titled "Exposed." We start back with Claire and her new friend. He comes out of the closet for some food and stretching where Claire proposes he take a trip to New Mexico (don't ask). Long story short, Claire's mom stumbles upon her new friend. Has he been in the closet this whole time? How much time has elapsed here? Needless to say Alex is outed as another hero that Claire was protecting (despite Claire's best efforts to lie to her). Mrs. Bennett is done having lies told to her around the house which begets more disappointment in her family. But she's also more aware of her surroundings than she previously let on, as she tips Claire off to the surveillance team outside. All of sudden Claire's mom is a strategist? And she can make a fake ID? The surveillance team tosses the house looking for Alex but doesn't find him, despite the new hot chick agent knowing that he's there. After not finding him in the secret hiding place in the house, they decide to let him bolt out the back. But not without a diversion. While Mrs. Bennett peels out the garage to distract the agents, Claire and Alex sneak out the back and end up on top of one another (they fell). With the agents promptly giving chase (the lack of headstart is disturbing), the pair slip away into the night. By hiding in the pool where they make out in order to give Claire some breath. Mr. Bennett is back at headquarters where he learns that Claire is being watched while Danko has effectively named Peter and Parkman the top targets of the new initiative. They find that Parkman and Peter are back at the art apartment in Manhattan where Parkman is repeatedly painting. Needless to say Rebel reaches out to the two of them with news that Daphne is safe and the warning to get out. Peter "borrows" Parkman's power so that the two of them can covertly break into what is presumable headquarters to break Daphne out. Using the "these aren't the droids you're looking for" trick they manage to work their way up to the top floor to an operations room. Dank sees this and upon going to them finds that his soldiers have their guns are trained on him (courtesy of Parkman). They find that Daphne is not there anymore, but that there are some video files of their abduction that were shown to them by Rebel. Noah sets off the fire alarm, disrupting Parkman's train of thought that gets him captured while Peter manages to escape. Nathan is meeting with his mom when Peter calls (it wouldn't be an episode without a Petrelli family reunion) with news that he has the videos of the mutant abductions. He offers the files in exchange for Parkman and Daphne, setting up a meet. Danko has alternative plans though that don't involve a trade. The writers are invoking the "America does not negotiate with terrorists" line now? Noah and Danko show up at the garage where Noah tries to convey his thoughts to escape while Danko has Peter in his sights, putting a bullet in his shoulders and sending him over the edge. Peter then flies off at the hands of his brother. Does he always carry a sling on his person, just in case people around him are shot? Mrs. Petrelli warns Nathan not to after Peter (who regains the flight) because the game has changed. Sylar and Pyro continue their merry road trip to see Sylar's father. En route a happy memory is triggered by Big Jim's Franks & Fries for Sylar, one where he reminisces about something that happened there in his past. Flashback time! Sylar remembers him and father being there at some point in 1980. We don't see his father's face in one of those clever camera ruses aimed at keeping his identity a secret until some epic reveal down the road. Sylar remembers his father brokering some sort of deal at the cafe after which he drives off with his wife in the car. That he kills her with the Sylar hand swipe. The deal is presumably the sale of Sylar to the stranger, but we'll learn that later on I'm sure. Sylar has finally tired of Luke's antics and actually lets him go. Random sidenote. The Rorschach profile was awesome. This movie is going to be rather epic if I do say so myself. You can check out the profiles at which is a means to even more hype for the film. Back to you regularly scheduled review. The extension of the Patriot Act is presumed by the release of the video showing the mutant abduction. This of course riles up Danko even more, who decides to take it out personally on Parkman in the back of a moving van. By rigging him with explosives and placing him front of the White House, leaving him to pass out and be discovered. Plot thickens. I'm not really sure what he's trying to accomplish here. As far I'm aware the public still doesn't know that there are mutants living among them. Does he plan to say that yes there are mutants, and oh by the way one of them has a bomb strapped to his chest? I thought the big concern was news of this operation not getting out, but it seems that that is no longer a concern. I like that they're making Peter's power limited in a sense. The writers have to be aware of how to get him to his next destination intelligently, and they do so by placing him near the relevant mutants. Claire is still driving me nuts with her "woe is me" storyline, until Puppet Master returned asking for her help (that could get interesting). The show has reduced the number of characters in it, but they're running into the same problems as before. Sylar has some direction towards his father who clearly has powers, but what will that showdown entail? And does Danko expect people to accept that there are mutants and that one of them is a "terrorist" all in the span of five minutes? This episode was good, but it seems that the storylines are slowly getting away from the writers. This season should be setting up for something massive hopefully, but we'll see. Overall score: 87 out of 100