Review: Heroes - Into Asylum

We've moved south of the border, but no Maya this time around. Another character was introduced, but he was introduced for the episode only and nothing more. We got more of Sylar which usually bodes well for the episode. And Claire getting drunk in front of her dad. Just another week in this season of Heroes? First off, the new writers are definitely taking this season in a new direction. I think that they're really trying to minimize the fraying edges and simplify the story as best as possible. The story is actually making sense (somewhat) and is focusing on the truly main characters of the saga in the Petrellis, Bennett and Sylar. There were even some really good shots that looked like they were straight out of a comic book (near the beginning when Peter was standing in the alley in the rain was a really awesome shot). Bennett and Danko stumbled upon a crime scene that seemingly pitted a geometry teacher against a few soldiers. To catch a hero, Mr. Bennett tries to convince Danko that you need a hero (one of us, one of them and all that); he's not too keen on the idea, and sends him on his new assignment (after Mrs. Petrelli). Danko is completely anti-hero, but he seems to be slightly interested in what Sylar has to say to him. The interplay between the two is becoming Ahab and Moby Dick (Danko even refers to Sylar as his white whale). Sylar finally convinces Danko to let him assist in finding the heroes; obviously Sylar wants the power and Danko wants the heroes. Where did Sylar get this investigative ability? I mean, I know he's badass and all but I didn't know he was a freaking Hardy boy. The new crimefighting duo track their new friend to a nightclub to find women. Apparently this shapeshifter likes to change into people of power with the hopes of scoring. Why the guy turns into Danko I'll never know (maybe women have a thing for bald men?) After some tomfoolery, Danko and Sylar trick the shapeshifter and subsequently tranquilize him. Danko is going to learn real quick that Sylar never wants to help others, however it was quite touching when Danko merely tranquilized the shapeshifter instead of killing him. A sign of good faith to Sylar, giving him a new power to play with. The one condition is that Sylar not rip open the head, and it appears that Sylar can just peer into your soul and take the power as well. Now Sylar can shapeshift...this'll end well. Danko was smart to keep the kill clean, because now Mr. Bennett thinks that Sylar is dead (give it a few episodes until he realizes otherwise). Did they have to make the irony of Danko working with Sylar so obvious? What's the over/under on when Danko tries to betray Sylar and ends up getting killed? Two episodes? Three? I like that they're finally describing in more detail what Mrs. Petrelli actually does. I mean, she has premonitions and persuasion, but you never really knew how they manifested themselves. Now we know that she has to sleep (naturally), and turning to the church is the way for her to do it. The Petrelli family seems to have been finding religion as of late, asking why them. I'm not sure if the symbolism meant to be there, but as Peter turned to religion it blew up in his face as Mr. Bennett and his crew showed up at the church. Luckily for Angela and Peter Noah likes them, giving the all clear. Isn't this going to catch up to him? He can only play both sides for so long until someone wises up. Mrs. Petrelli finally slept, had a dream and gained insight onto their next steps. The Petrelly family is moving towards a reunion (again) and then going to Angela's sister (another new character that we've yet to meet) for the next course of action. Claire and Nathan are south of the border playing drinking games (you've got to get money somehow). Claire basically strips and joins in on the fun when Nathan passes out after about 22 tequila shots. They're supposed to be hiding from the US government so they won't get caught, but it ends up being spring break. Claire steps up and picks up where her dad left off, winning the money and sending the kid to his alcohol poisoned induced death (her healing ability extend to alcoholism, giving her a distinct advantage). We're finally getting some remorse from Nathan for his actions. Like he finally realizes that he made a mistake and that he doesn't have the answer to everything. They finally went there, and compared Nathan to Superman. They end in happy father-daughter love as Nathan says he's flying back to the US and Claire should come with. When did Nathan become a scapegoat for the program? Sure Danko and Mr. Bennett saw him fly off, but who would the President believe: Nathan or Danko? I didn't realize that he was no longer a hotshot DC politician anymore. The show has finally acknowledged Sylar's true purpose: to be the last one standing. They've danced around the issue enough and finally made it clear. The Petrelli family will be reunited (again) and will no doubt catch up with Hiro, Ando and Parkman Jr. where Peter will get his full powers unleashed. I mean, they have to do that so someone can stop Sylar. The new writers are definitely taking this season in a positive direction, and looks to be getting more coherent. They still need to lay off on the new characters, and tie up loose ends with those characters currently there. The show would benefit if it would define who are the first tier characters and who is the supporting cast. It appears that we're moving towards such definition, but only time will tell. I think there's only about 4 episodes left in the season, and this season seems to be following the same arc of the past two seasons (strong opening, crappy middle, decent finish). Overall score: 86 out of 100