Sci Fi remaking The Phantom

A film version of The Phantom was most recently released way back in 1996, with Kristy Swanson riding on Buffy the Vampire fame and before Billy Zane was hanging out with Derek Zoolander. It had an ambitious heart, but needless to say it wasn't received very well and is discussed in very few circles these days. Which of course means that it's fair game for someone else to take a stab at. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Sci Fi (pardon me, Sy Fy) have optioned the property for a four hour made-for-TV movie. The movie making process will be handled by RHI Entertainment, and president/CEO Robert Halmi, Jr. thinks they have a good shot at making the film not suck. "That there hasn't been a successful 'Phantom' leaves the door wide open for us, since nobody has made it their own yet," Halmi said. Hopefully this statement really pans out and RHI makes the film "their own." But I'm guessing we'll be getting something that isn't any better than any of the other film incarnations of the purple spandex-clad superhero. I could be wrong, and I'd be extremely delighted to see RHI prove me so. Sci Fi eying Phantom remake