Sony adding comic books to PSP?

I was never really a big PSP guy. The UMD format kind of pissed me off, and I didn't really see a need to have a PSP, a DS and an iPod for multimedia needs, so I just stuck with the latter two on that list. But what can I use for reading digital comics on the go you ask? A recent survey by Sony indicates that I as a comic book fan may have a wont to pick up a PSP in the near future. Exophase has the above screenshot from a survey that Sony recently administered to PSP owners. The questions were pretty general, but asked if readers would be interested in comics from the PlayStation Store on a per issue or subscription basis. There's also a video that shows what the PSP offering would most likely look like (you can check out the video below courtesy of Joystiq). It seems that you would be able to move from panel to panel in an issue, or free scroll around to view any part of the page at any time. Does the subscription idea mean that Sony has something in mind similar to what Marvel does with the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited service? And should we expect to see non-Sony comics on the store? Knowing Sony, it wouldn't surprise me if they figured that their Resident Evil comics would carry sales. But they desparately need to make a deal with a major publisher to get some momentum behind this thing. If they were to cozy up to Marvel create some sort of profit sharing subscription service for the MDCU then I think they might have a winning idea on their hands. Sony adding comic books to PSP?