South Park takes on Batman

South Park has pretty much become the new Simpsons (even though the Simpsons have already done everything). The writing is sharp and witty while being hilarious at the same time. Wednesday night's episode was no exception, as Trey Parker and Matt Stone decided it was time to take on Batman. The episode featured Cartman dressed as a "superhero" named The Coon, which basically meant he was a fat raccoon. He scoured the rooftops at night with a deeper, raspier voice and thought he was making it a safer place but he was really just being annoying. Enter Mysterion. This better hero was more respected by the town for his actions, and even confronted Coon on his. Parker and Stone decided to model the episode after The Dark Knight, including everything from the ominous score to a supervillain threatening to blow up a hospital if Mysterion didn't unmask himself. It was a really funny take on that film and the superhero genre in general, peppered with the usual South Park insults. The episode is below in three parts if you missed it. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3