Spider-Man 4 script due this summer

The storyline in Spider-Man 3 was what some would call convoluted. Confusing even. Including Sandman and Venom (Venom was reportedly crammed in at the behest of Sony) led to just way too much going on and practically wasting one of Spidey's greatest foes in Venom. That being said, the villain(s) in the fourth film seem to have decided on, but Sam Raimi isn't talking. According to the Sci Fi Wire, we'll have to wait until the summer for the script to find out. "Right now, David Lindsay-Abaire is working on a draft of the new picture," Raimi said in an exclusive telephone interview on Monday. "And he's hard at work, and hopefully we'll see something in about three months." The film is set for a May 6, 2011 release to what will undoubtedly be a mammoth opening. But with the script due this summer expect word to leak out about who the villain(s) is/are regardless of Sony's desire to have a big unveiling. "I'm not at liberty to discuss the villains yet," Raimi said. "I think I have to wait till the finished screenplay, and then it'd really be up to Sony Pictures and the producers to determine when they want to release that information. To them, it's usually a big, a big, big thing, a big moment where they want to present the villain with the proper respect or fear that he or she deserves." I'd like to note the "she" in that above quote. Is it possible that we could see a female Spidey villain finally? That would definitely shake things up a bit in the universe. I think that Lizard is practically a lock, although unfortunately they'll have to make him an origin story in the film (instead of building up his eventual origin over the first three films). It's a pretty safe assumption that we'll have at least two villains this time around. Spider-Man 4 script due this summer