Star Wars: The Old Republic webcomic

This Star Wars thing has slightly gotten out of hand. Yes, that statement does win the understatement of the year award, but the fact remains that Star Wars continues to leverage that familiar name and get into all sorts of different media. Dark Horse presents just a tiny fraction of the intergalactic behemoth that is Star Wars with the Star Wars: The Old Republic webcomic. The one thing Star Wars that George Lucas actually doesn't charge for. Act I is titled "The Treaty of Coruscant" and features three three-paged issues available for viewing. The book is a tie-in to the upcoming game of the same name and features talent from Dark Horse, BioWare and of course LucasArts. The comics will be released twice a month (and I would say this is the second for March), so I would predict the next issue to be available in about two weeks time. And no, your senses can't repel a webcomic of this magnitude. Star Wars: The Old Republic webcomic