Steel Rising moving on in Small Press Idol

Chances are you've never heard of Steel Rising. Not that it's a bad book or anything, but it's the definition of small press. Brad Huffman-Parent and artists Brad Thingvold, Joe Armour and Michael Summers have created a really intriguing comic book that pretty much takes everything about fantasy and crams it into one book, with a catch of course (more on that in a second). Oh yeah. The book is moving onto round 2 in the Small Press Idol contest. Small Press Idol is an amateur's contest in comics that mixes "a bit of American Idol with a bit of The Apprentice" and throws in random social experiments. The winning comic gets a cash prize ($700) and a four issue miniseries published on Dime Store Productions. The contest is kind of a big deal that is in round 2, leaving you until April 1 to vote. Now, back to that fantasy catch thing. In this world, elves, orcs, dragons, etc. live alongside humans. Ok, ok. Nothing too un-fantasy there. But what if those orcs lived down the street from you? You know, like today? Catch enough for you? All these entities have taken up modern day jobs and are trying to make the best of it, but some of them aren't having any luck. Wood Elves live in parks and watch the industry destroy their lands, while the Dark Elves have retreated to sewers. And mages? Mages have found that there is no need for them. Until World War II when they were asked to flex their magic muscle and essentially wipe out half the world. Leading to the Mage Control Act which banishes all mages, forcing them into hiding for fear or persecution and death. Until a Black Ruby appears, and it's up to the mages to save the day. Voting on the books is open until April 1, so you've got some time to get over there. Until then, check out the Steel Rising website and if you like what you see send a vote their way. Steel Rising Small Press Idol


  1. Thanks for the write-up on "Steel Rising"! I can't tell you much due to the contest restrictions, but I can say that Round 2 is going to blow you away. Hope you enjoy.


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