Thor actor chosen?

I'm always skeptical of those stories you hear that are beyond secondhand. If uncle Jackie's cousin's sister tells you that she knows something you have to take it with a grain of salt because by the time it gets to you, who knows what's been added or removed. Keep that in mind when you read that a recent tipster for Latino Review added their own "purple monkey dishwasher" about the possibilty of an actor being cast for the role of Thor. The tipster writes that a friend of his noticed Kenneth Branaugh himself having lunch with a Norse godlike man in Alexander SkarsgÄrd. The blonde Swede has recently gained attention for his role in HBO's True Blood and is shockingly close to Thor in resemblance. Branaugh is confirmed as the director of the film, and its unknown whether he was just catching up with an old friend or selling him on the concept of playing a Norse god in a Marvel movie. The 6'4" actor clearly fits the bill physically, but can he play the part? I honestly couldn't tell you because I don't have HBO and haven't seen True Blood (although I've heard numerous good things). His resume up to that point is mostly Swedish film, so he would definitely have that unknown factor (which might work in Marvel's favor with their impending Avengers movies in the works). There will be a lot of the budget tied up in Edward Norton, Robert Downey, Jr. and Samuel L. Jackson, so having the lesser characters like Thor being played by relative unknowns could help that film get closer to reality. Stay tuned. Kenneth Branaugh close to choosing Thor