Thor part of the Marvel Universe

Kenneth Branaugh is responsible for bringing the Norse god Thor to the big screen. But don't think for one second that he's coming alone. It's no secret that Marvel is working on an Avengers movie, and that Thor will most likely be a part of it. It's also no secret that Marvel wants their universe in print to translate onto the big screen. So expect that the Thor movie will have plenty of references to others in the Marvel universe. Big man on Marvel campus Joe Quesada spoke with MTV Splash Page about Branaugh's work on the Thor movie and his understanding of the necessity for film continuity. “[Branagh] understood that there was this very, very big tapestry of the Marvel movies,” Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada told MTV News. “There’s continuity within the movies and he really wanted to play within that and wanted it to be part of the other movies.” It's good that Branaugh gets it. Even if Marvel wasn't planning massive crossover films with their properties it's a nice nod to the comic book fans that read these storylines and know why Hulk and Iron Man know each other. Or Captain America's part in the Avengers. Marvel actually taking that a step further and consciously creating this universe within these films is an extra level of awesomeness. And honestly, I don't really know how successful a Thor movie would be on its own. Thor is one of those characters that has somewhat of a cult following, but not too many people really know about him. The notion that his story will tie directly into the Avengers story at the very least should help the box office draw. Not that it's all about the money, but the reality is that studios make these film decisions based on box office take. If Thor doesn't do well, don't expect to see other Marvel characters such as Ant-Man for instance get the silver screen treatment. Thor part of the Marvel Universe