Udon Comics presents Rival Schools online comic for free

Street Fighter isn't the only fighting game that can get its own comic book these days; Capcom has a few more fighting tricks up its intellectual property sleeve. The latest to get the free online comics treatment? Rival Schools. Udon Comics has just released the online comic book that showcases the fighting talents of various Japanese high schools. But that playful boasting has to be put aside when some mysterious disappearances start happening. Corey "Rey" Lewis provides the "striking" (get it?) visuals for this work, and as of now the first two chapters are available online (a whopping 80 pages). Udon plans on adding a page a day until the full four chapters are available for everyone's enjoyment. If you've ever uttered the words "meet me at the playground at 3 o'clock" then this series might just be for you. Full press release below. CLASS IS BACK IN SESSION FOR THE CREW OF RIVAL SCHOOLS™! UDON Releases Free Rival Schools™ Comics Online Toronto, ON – Mar 16, 2009 – One of the questions most asked by UDON readers is, “When will the Rival Schools™ comics be back?” Well, fans of the Street Fighter® tie-in property need wait no longer, because UDON has just begun the release of all-new Rival Schools comics online... for free! Based on the cult-hit Capcom® video game series, Rival Schools showcases the students of various Japanese high schools throwing down to prove who’s fighting skills rule the school yard. But when mysterious disappearances start happening all over, the kids must put their differences aside, and team-up to track down the kidnappers. Featuring the energetic, ultra-stylized artwork of Corey “Rey” Lewis (Sharknife), Rival Schools is a whirlwind of non-stop action and fast paced street brawls. The online Rival Schools serialization has already begun, with the first two chapters (totalling nearly 80 pages) available in full on UDON’s website. An all-new page will be added every day, until the full four-part story has been completed. UDON is inviting all Capcom and fighting game fans to visit the UDON website and give Rival Schools a try! Read Rival Schools comics online at: http://www.udonentertainment.com/rivalschools/