Watchmen barely hits $85 million mark

In what has to be a number completely far off from what Warner Brothers or DC had expected in its second week, Watchmen hasn't fared too well in the theaters. The second week of the film saw a precipitous 70% drop from its first weekend haul of upwards of $65 million. The two week total stands at $85 million, but Warner Brothers and DC have to be worried that it's been only the second week of release and pretty much everyone has forgotten about the movie. I hate to keep comparing this film to The Dark Knight (face it...that film will be the new benchmark for comic book films for a long time to come whether you liked it or not), but in the second week people were seeing it a second, third, fourth, etc. time. It was that groundbreaking as a comic book film. Watchmen should've trumped The Dark Knight mainly because of the mythos around it, but it was a catch-22 to start with. It wasn't meant to be made into a movie, and because Zack Snyder was so faithful to the graphic novel that it didn't have its own feeling. It felt hollow and even awkward. I'm sure Warner Brothers is counting on tons of DVD/Blu-ray sales, but they've got to be panicking a bit at this point. Watchmen hits box office decline