Wizard World joining Video Game Expo

Comics and video games are rapidly approaching an intersection where they will slam violently into one another creating a wreckage of pop culture. Ok, ok. It might not be that graphic, but the point is that more and more comic book conventions are showcasing video games and vice versa, as there is definitely that strong correlation between readers and players. Wizard decided to take this to the next level with the recent announcement of a partnership with Video Game Expo (VGXPO). The partnership is simple: VGXPO will get tens of thousands of square feet at Wizard World Philadelphia and the VGXPO will get Wizard content at their convention. Sounds simple enough right? The added content will include: VGXPO exhibitors, gaming contests at the Great American Video Game Tournament, Retro Con – a retail section dedicated to classic and pre-owned games, the VGXPO Arcade Gaming Center, and Breaking In, a single track conference dedicated to teaching would-be game makers about jobs, and educational opportunities, in the video game industry. "Video Game Expo was a smash success in 2008, and since then we've been approached with opportunities by many of the largest expo promoters in the world. We decided to partner VGXPO with Wizard due to its passionate fan base,” says Ed Fleming, founder of Video Game Expo. “This passion and zeal mirrors the fervor of the VGXPO community." So basically it looks like WWPhilly is trying to surpass NY Comic Con as the biggest event on the east coast, and that's fine if they try. Competition always breeds excellence, and personally I would love to be able to go to two awesome comic book shows each year on the east coast as opposed to one. I only hope that the games part doesn't overshadow the comic part, because now you'll have a ton of people there just for the games. Could get pretty insane. Wizard World Philadelphia is June 19-21 and VGXPO is October 9-11. Both events will be at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Wizard World joining Video Game Expo