Wonder Woman movie gaining traction?

Everyone wants to see a Wonder Woman film made. She is one of DC's most notable characters and it's only fitting that she get the big screen treatment. Beyond the animated film however, the character hasn't really got the attention that she deserves. Until now if IESB is right. IESB reports that the regime change at Warner Brothers has given more impetus to a live action Wonder Woman film. Green Lantern is picking up steam and should be released at some point in the near future, and with the successes of Batman and Superman you have to think that Warner Brothers knows that a Wonder Woman film will be a maker of insane loot. I say the above with the following caveat: the film has to be good. This is one of DC's most fabled properties, so everything from the casting to the story to even the film's length have to be carefully (meticulously even) chosen. People won't care to see the movie if it's going to suck. Hopefully it won't, but we'll see what happens. Wonder Woman movie gaining traction?