Zenescope subscriptions and $1 comics

If you haven't boarded the Zenscope train you really should get your head checked. The books over there are pretty original and definitely adult, which bodes well for the vast number of adult comic book readers out there. But if Grimm Fairy Tales haven't found their way into your collection, Zenscope is offering you a couple of solutions: subscriptions and $1 comics. The company is finally offering subscriptions for its properties. By subscribing you'll get the book the day it's released as well as some bulk discounts. For example, buying two subscriptions and entering the promo code 222222 will get you 10% off your order. Even better, three subscriptions and entering 333333 will get you 25% off your order. You really have no excuse to not be a reader of Zenescope books. The works are mailed to you and you get subscription discounts. If the subscription isn't the route you prefer, Zenescope is also offering first issues of their works for $1. On the list? Grimm Fairy Tales #1 (reprint) for $1 1001 Arabian Nights #1 for $1 Beyond Wonderland #1 (reprint) for $1 Return To Wonderland #1 (reprint) for $1 The Chronicles of Herbert West #1 for $1 Straw Men #1 for $1 The Living Corpse #1 for $1 There's definitely no shortage of awesomeness there, so be sure to grab at least one or two to get yourself acquainted with the twisted majesty of fairy tales. Zenescope wants to win you over as well