Batman and Superman: Enemies & Allies

Batman and Superman have seen their fair share of teamups. As the two lynchpins of the DC Universe, it only makes sense that they cross paths as many times as possible to give readers and fans what they want. Their latest encounter comes not in a comic book or graphic novel, but a new book called Batman and Superman: Enemies and Allies by Kevin Anderson. The book is sort of an origins story featuring Batman and Superman. Set during the start of the Cold War, right after Russia launched Sputnik, the book looks at the two superheroes in their early days. Batman thinks that Superman was created for evil by Lex Luthor, while Superman thinks that Batman's vigilante streak makes him nothing more than a common criminal. So cue evil ploy by Luthor to bring the two of them together to fight side by side and trust each other. The book is available now if you go straight to Anderson's webpage (and you can get it autographed). If you go the Amazon route, you'll have to wait until May 5 (but you will pay about $10 less). The choice is yours. AnderZoneShop (Autographed copy) Amazon Preorder