Ben Abernathy on Starcraft comic

Blizzard is probably best known for World of Warcraft, an epic life drain that revolutionized the MMO and continues to suck the lives away from countless millions of players. But they're pretty big in the real-time strategy side of things as well, as their futuristic RTS Starcraft has developed a not-quite-as-big-but-just-as-fervent following when compared to WoW. WoW got the comic treatment from WildStorm Comics last year, so it's only fair that Starcraft get the same treatment. And in an interview with StarcraftWire, Wildstorm Starcraft Editor Ben Abernathy is here to tell us what to expect from it. The comic is written by Simon Furman and will be set in the year 2552 and will focus on a group of mercenaries called the "War Pigs." Their first mission (and coincidentally the first issue) will focus on the assassination of Jim Raynor. They have to find him first however, and will deal with an assortment of Terrans along the way. Don't worry though, as the Zerg and Protoss will be making appearances later on in the series. Fans of the game shouldn't be alarmed that this is a shameless attempt to capitalize on feverish demand for Starcraft II as Abernathy mentions that the books will draw heavily on the existing Starcraft universe. "While the main difference between the books are the genre distinction—science fiction versus fantasy—I think the passion, approach, and execution are the main similarities. Blizzard maintains a high-level of quality in all of their games and this standard of excellence trickles down to the books themselves. We’ve worked hard to achieve a creative synergy between the writing/art on each title as well as expanding the respective universes in unique ways. We have massive fan bases to please with Starcraft and Warcraft and have put an immense amount of time and effort into delivering to those expectations." The book will act as an introduction for the storylines that Starcraft II will revolve around. Sort of a bridge between the first and second iterations of the games, using the events in the first as a setup to carry stories into the events of the second. The website boasts preview scans of Starcraft #1 in the near future, so stay tuned. Ben Abernathy on Starcraft comic