Blackest Night rundown

Update: DC has released a poster for the Orange Lanterns and Sinestro Corps, both of which has been added below. Blackest Night is almost upon us. Blackest Night #0 will debut on Free Comic Book Day, while the first issue of the mammoth multi-colored galactic fight hits this summer. DC wants to make sure you're up to speed on all the key players of the war, and have decided to draft you some pretty nifty (and handy) posters. The first poster (above) highlights all the Green Lanterns. Below is a list of all the Red Lanterns. If you put them together you will not get brown lanterns. Will looking at the pictures completely fill you in on the setup for the Blackest Night storyline? Not at all. But at the very least you have a pretty good primer in regards to who you should be rooting for, and who you should be rooting against.