Bryan Fuller on why Heroes sucks

Bryan Fuller is quite the popular writer. He wrote for Heroes in that amazing first season, but then left to pursue Pushing Daisies. Well that show is now canceled, so Fuller returned to NBC to resume his writing duties for Heroes. He quickly found that things weren't quite as he left them, and he tells Sci Fi Wire why the show just isn't up to snuff. His biggest complaint was the direction the show took in seasons two and three (you don't say). His new emphasis is to get the story character focused again, and not so much event focused. "I just really wanted to get everything back to a character base. I think character was shoved aside for plot. The second year with the virus was interesting, but then it got complicated and techno-babbly. With "Villains," it started out interesting and then became about formula. When they started talking about how we were injected with our powers and it became sci-fi ghetto storytelling, I became disconnected." The past two episodes have definitely been among the best this season, and it clearly shows that Fuller is having an impact. Beyond his toughts for the show, he does let loose some interesting things to look out for in the remaining four episodes. These could be considered spoilers, so keep that in mind. Tracy comes back in a really big way later on in the season Parkman will get revenge on Danko Sylar causes Noah's life to unravel The truth about Sylar's identity and motives will be revealed These remaining four episodes look to be extremely busy. Hopefully Fuller can make good on his promise and these episodes are worth watching. Bryan Fuller on why Heroes sucks