Control by Benjamin Sawyer

The Internet is awesome. Without it we wouldn't have a great work such as Control by Benjamin Sawyer. The graphic novel reflects nearly 200 hours and 6-months of proverbial blood, sweat and tears from Sawyer. He went with the popular "not so fantastic view of the future" route in following Grace-the best runner in the resistance-in her final mission to change the world for the better, or die trying. Think Mirror's Edge on paper (well, virtual Internet paper). You can check it out for free at the below link. It's 18 pages so it isn't quite a graphic novel, but it's still nice to see some fresh blood creating some comics. Note that when you jump to the page, it'll default to a page preview of the book. Select the PDF option on the right to access the entire issue. You can also buy the book (download or print) at this site if you're so inclined. Control by Benjamin Sawyer