Dark Horse joins Diamond FOC Program

Comic book retailers fight a battle with publishers daily over which books to order and carry. It's a somewhat antiquated method of ordering that often leaves retaileres with too little of one book that everyone wants or too many of another book that nobody wants. Dark Horse realizes this and is trying to make things better by joining the Diamond Final Order Cutoff program. The program will tie Dark Horse comics to the calendar day twenty days before the Diamond on-sale date for comics, and three months for graphic novels. The plan will start April 20 and will give retailers greater flexibility in ordering merchandise. Full press release below. DARK HORSE OFFICIALLY JOINS THE DIAMOND FOC PROGRAM! APRIL 13, MILWAUKIE, OR–Dark Horse officially announces participation in the Diamond “Final Order Cutoff” program, or “FOC” for short. Dark Horse first announced the intent to participate in this program at last fall’s Diamond Retailers summit in Las Vegas, Navada to a roar of applause heard throughout the casino. Dark Horse's final FOC dates will be tied to the calendar day twenty days before the Diamond on-sale date for comics, and approximately three months for graphic novels. Dark Horse will begin including FOC dates for some of our line as early as the May 2009 edition of Diamond’s Previews catalog. "We are pleased to announce this move to the FOC,” Dark Horse President, Mike Richardson stated. “As every comics retailer knows, times are tough. It is important that Dark Horse not only support them with great product, but with our best efforts to make their ordering decisions as easy as possible. This system will help every retailer who orders Dark Horse product and should lead to better business for all of us." Dark Horse hopes that participation in the program will help to further instill confidence in the publisher’s consistently strong lineup of releases and continued commitment to the direct sales market in an ever-changing economy. Dark Horse’s FOC program will begin on Monday, April 20.