Deadpool standalone film in the works

This should be considered rumor at this point, and it's reliant on a pretty vague standard, but some news is better than no news at all. In his Twitter, Robert Liefield (aka Rob Liefield) made mention of Deadpool's role in the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine film. Two different tweets indicated that Deadpool will be getting a little more attention than we think. There may be some spoilers about the Wolverine movie ahead, so keep that in mind. People that have already downloaded the film noticed one glaring weakness: a severe lack of Ryan Reynolds/Deadpool. Not only that, but the Deadpool we'll see isn't quite the same Deadpool that we all know and love. According to Liefield, more Deadpool scenes have been added in that weren't in the downloaded version. "the Deadpool re-shoots with Ryan Reynolds aren't in the bootlegged version. audience test response warranted more Deadpool in the pic!" Awesome. We'll get more Deadpool. How much more is up for debate considering the film is already running at about 2 1/2 hours long. But some is better than none. Liefield also decided to mention that there are plans to create a Deadpool spinoff fim "if the box office works." "Also, talked to producers of Wolverine yesterday and they said that there are definite plans to spin off Deadpool if the box office works" Now, that's an extremely vague, Hollywood-speak way of saying "we want to do this, but we need to know it's going to make money." Deadpool isn't the core Marvel Universe and would attract a niche audience. If Reynolds is tapped again to play the character that would help its appeal tremendously; however, it will be tough for Marvel to keep that continuity of the character between X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the spinoff. The Deadpool we'll see is supposedly so far removed from what we know that it might not work, meaning that someone other than Reynolds will have to play the role. Deadpool standalone film in the works