Defense with BoomPick

Looks like Tuesday is upon us again so you know what that means: it is still the beginning of the week which sucks. Also, it means that tomorrow is Wednesday and that means new comic book day, a day that everyone can rejoice for as after a long day of work you go and pick up fresh new comics. Coming to you here on Omnicomic is my pick of the week and it was a tough choice but I am going with a Marvel favorite today. My pick of the week is Marvel Zombies 4 #1. I talked about this at the beginning of last month as this series has just been picking up steam with more and more spinoffs and continual story line. This one won’t disappoint either. So if you are new to the series then pick this one up. I'd even suggest picking up the past three in novel form to catch up on a great story arc. I am not gonna go into too much detail as I don't want to ruin the fun for you readers out there. Go pick up some new comics and enjoy.