Defense with BoomPick

Looks like Tuesday has rolled around again and that means the day before new comic book day where we all rejoice at the new comics to read and enjoy. Today I bring to you my pick of the week for new comics. This pick is a bit of a spinoff joining sort of thing. I am choosing The Living Corpse Hack/Slash Annual #1. This gem of a comic is brought to you by the fine folks over at Zenescope Entertainment, and more specifically Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson. This comic is joining two different stars of different comic book universes in bringing The Living Corpse together with Cassie and Vlad from the well known comic series Hack/Slash (the book that hails from Devil’s Due Publishing) in an all-star venture. Both comics are masterfully done on their own, but together they are a powerhouse of fighting evil in all its forms. In this comic something evil is lurking in the Pine Barren woods of New Jersey known as the Jersey Devil. This battle will put the three heroes to the test to see whether or not they can refraining from beating each other up to do what needs to be done. Only picking this comic up tomorrow will you be able to find out in this new exciting tale. For you out there who have never read either of these series there is a little backstory provided by Josh Medors to catch ya up on the story. There will be two different covers and you are sure to get a kick out of either one and enjoy an exciting read so go pick it up tomorrow.