Defense with the BoomStick

Hey folks out there it's your good friend Brandon here and I am bringing to you the tip of the week. Not much else today as am just not in the best of moods. Of course who could be in a good mood living in this zombie infested world. Everyone has good and bad days and this past week has just been real bad so I figure I am just gonna get right to it today.

I'm gonna go over the different types of silent weapons that one might use, mostly focusing on bows. There are many different types of bows in the world if you can still find any at the gutted sports stores or Wal-Mart’s that dot our fine land here in America. The most common one that you will come across is the crossbow that before this whole zombie thing happened was a great hunting tool. With this weapon you can send a bolt precisely and powerfully through a zombie’s skull as far away as a quarter of a mile, which is good as you won’t be close to them and they are taken out silently. This weapon should be used only when a single zombie is in your path, or perhaps you are far enough away from them or in a secure spot above as it takes a little bit of time to reload a new bolt.

It is also the best primary weapon when in a group but better as secondary to your pistol or rifle. Be careful as its weight can slow you down a bit between carrying a rifle and crossbow. Now another bow type that has a few different uses is the longbow. You have to be a very accomplished archer to use this weapon. With this bow you can shoot an arrow a greater distance, but the further away the target the more of a chance there is for it not be a headshot. Be careful when using this weapon, as it works best most of the time when part of a group. The best use for this weapon is to start fire traps from far away by having a pool of gas that the zombies have to walk through then lighting it on fire with a lit arrow. Another possibility is to just light the arrow on fire and hit a zombie in the chest.

Lighting them on fire leads to the possibility of them bumping into other zombies burning them also. If you do this method remember it takes a bit of time for a zombie to fall to fire, so be careful as they can still light buildings or your fortifications on fire. Now for a smaller and more compact bow you have the hand bow, a quick little secondary weapon that is silent and easily used. This weapon is useful only in very close range as it is a much smaller version of the crossbow. This is used best in say, you are in a tight compact alley and see a zombie at the end of it. This incarnation of the bow allows you to take it out without alerting any zombies around with a gunshot.

Really, that takes care of the bows. There are also compound bows that help you get a shot further away but they require a good amount of skill also and can be cumbersome at times, so be careful when choosing your primary weapon. A silent weapon is always a good thing to have to. Well that is it for today. Got stuff to take care of so this is Brandon signing off till next week.