Defense with the BoomStick

You know sometimes it is the little things that can just ruin your day. Such as running out of toothpaste or spilling your drink all over the place. Or just something dumb that just makes that day suck until you finish it. Now of course this same sort of feeling doesn’t apply now since we're living in constant terror in this zombie filled world, but this "littlest thing" concept can still make any day bad (so bad you just want to take it out on every zombie you see). Which is could be bad because if you are not careful you might lose your sense of what is around you and that is how you end up dead (surrounded in a fight). Sorry folks got off on a tangent there.

I'm gonna go over some general knowledge about weapon upkeep and personal training regimens. Everyone knows that you are only as good as the weapon you carry and ensuring that it works every time you depend on it. Without the proper cleaning and upkeep that weapon might fail or jam up in a critical time and cost you your life and force a friend to take you down (either before you turn or after you become a zombie so remember that). Nothing is worse than having to have your friend put you down while they have to keep on living and dealing with that on their conscience. But you also have to remember that you can’t hesitate when that happens and do what needs to be done.

So with that said constant weapons training is always needed so that you know the ins and outs of your weapons so that you can clean, disassemble and reassemble that weapon with your eyes closed. Training constantly ensures that when you shoot it always hits the mark you aim for; because every shot counts if it ain’t a head shot then it's your is your butt getting bitten. Whenever you have down time constantly look over your weapons to make sure they're useful and never use them for things that were never intended, such as using a rifle as a hammer. You might damage some part of the mechanisms and when you go to fire get a jam and then die.

Beyond care and training with your weapons you have to make sure you are in good working order. Personal care of your body and keeping it in top shape helps you stay alive that much longer because you can run for longer or jump over certain obstacles (or do things that you might not otherwise be able to do). Also, in saying that make sure your hair is cut short and clothes are not baggy so that zombies have nothing to grab a hold of to get you. That is how they do it: they reach out and grab whatever they can pull you in and then bite. If you can learn some defensive moves from someone so that you can escape grabs. Make sure that your gear doesn’t have any loops or things of that nature because zombies can grab those too. There you have it kids, the tip of the week for surviving that much longer in this zombie world. Which sucks but what can you do? Everyone has to do their part and we can one day reclaim all of world back for us. So until next week remember to stay safe and keep surviving and keep fighting. We will win.