Defense with the BoomStick

Monday afternoon already I see. Well let me get to it. Hey everyone out there listening up to this broadcast, it is Brandon here transmitting to you the info you need to know and want to hear. You figure I would have picked a code name but eh; in this world no point in doing so (plus where I am at is not easily found so not to worry). Except for all the damn roamers that happen upon my compound. Speaking of which, that is gonna be part of my tip of the week so let’s get to it shall we.
I would report the new news but I have not heard anything lately over the airwaves so I'm just gonna get to the tip of the week. Today I am gonna talk about more general on-the-run knowledge that I have covered before, but in recent weeks have learned more about our zombie enemy and need to share this intel with all of you out there. So everyone knows the general rules about what to do and not to do when on the run and in open country: keep moving as much as possible, stay away from huge urban areas and never let your guard down.

Well a recent discovery I have learned is that sometimes being in a fixed position can backfire on you. Because every time you fire a gun that sound carries for who knows how far. The problem with that is zombies hear a noise and head towards the sound as best as they can, and the larger problem with that is the more zombies that hear the noise the more that will follow it until they find the source or something else comes along to distract them. This is something else I have learned observing zombies from afar. If one zombie is heading in a certain direction and passes other zombies, then they start to follow that one that passed them, and the problem is that if you are in a fixed position that is easy to get to but not properly protected you can have a huge mess on your hands. All those zombies that started to follow the first one can add up quickly.

What's worse? Say you have a large group of zombies run into another large group. THEN you have a huge problem on your hands and might not be able to fend them off or might become under siege that ends you. Me personally; where I am located at is so remote and difficult to reach I have not encountered this problem yet but have heard from other safe places that got overran with this. Plus through my own observations I have seen this problem and how it can compound on you, that's why if you do have a good secure spot try to limit firearm usage unless you have silencers when dispatching zombies. If your place you are at is not properly fortified and you have been using a lot of firearms and firing shots then you might want to reconsider all hiding inside and hoping that if a huge pack of zombies come by that they don’t notice you and move on.

Of course it also might be time to move on to find somewhere else to reside at and start over. Which I know sucks but better to be safe than sorry than to try and hold a position only to be overrun and eaten. So there you have it, my tip of the week. I hope it helps as the more we learn about them and understand them the better chance we have of winning and getting our planet back in our hands. Until next week remember to keep listening to the airwaves, keep fighting and keep surviving.