Defense with the BoomStick

Alright, alright, alright. It's that time again already so let me get to it. Hey everybody it is your buddy Brandon here coming at you with my weekly broadcast to keep you survivors out there updated on what I know and hear over the airwaves. So to start off I'm gonna go over some news that I caught wind of a few days ago. I picked up a tip that Northern part of Montana is getting cleared out quite thoroughly and is becoming a safe zone (good for you if you are in that area and can head that way). Also, up the Rocky Mountains they are doing wondrous things at a great pace clearing out parts as zombies can't survive in the extreme cold. So head that way if possible. My tip today is gonna help you in the area that you might have to go through to get there.

Everyone knows that the Midwest is referred to as the Great Plains and you have a vast amount of open land ahead of you until you get to the mountains of Colorado and Montana.

Today I am gonna go over the best way to make it through the plains area and improve your chances of surviving en roiute to your destination. If you are just making your way through plains area then remember that zombies can see you as much as you can see them, which is both good and bad. If you do see a zombie that has not spotted you yet then get as low to the ground as possible and move slowly but keep your eye on the zombie. It is possible to get past zombies in plains as you have a good wide area to move but just make sure if you do have zombies trailing you that you keep moving and stay ahead of them. If you are heading to a plains area to clean it out then the vast open space is to your advantage; just make sure you have some sort of escape route as zombies have the ability to see you from far away and if your shots carry far enough they could hear them and head your way. You might be in the process of clearing out a few zombies when over the horizon a mob is heading your way. This is where your escape plan comes in handy and having a truck close by is key.

The added bonus of this terrain is a group good with long range rifles and who are good shots can clear out an area with no zombies really getting close to them at all because you take them out beforehand. Watch out in what parts of the plains you are travelling in because sometimes zombies can be hiding on the ground. They might have been injured and are the crawling types that can happen upon you and get you just the same as one walking. There you have it. A tip for getting through the Midwest and to a safe zone. I’ll keep my ears open for any news that comes over the airwaves. All you out there listening remember to keep fighting and keep surviving so we can win. Till next week this is Brandon signing off.