Marvel Top 70 Comics

2009 is the year of Marvel's seventieth anniversary. 70 years the company has been around bringing tales of mutants and superheroes fighting alongside and against each other for whatever cause. It's only natural that Marvel would want to commemorate the occasion with a countdown of sorts. How about the top 70 Marvel comics of all time? The countdown is finally over, and a winner has been crowned. What book you ask? Amazing Fantasy #15. The monumental issue that introduced the world to one of its most recognizable and loved superheroes Spider-man. Originally published August 10, 1962, the book gave nerdy teenage boys everywhere hope that they too could be bitten by a radioactive spider (or other arachnid or insect) and gain those powers, without looking like a freak. The entire countdown is up there if you're so inclined to check it out. Lots of good stuff. I think the most amazing thing about the book is that when it debuted it sold for only $0.12. Insane. Marvel top 70 comics