Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 website up

Marvel Ultimate Alliance was a pleasant video game that brought the best of the Marvel Universe into home consoles. Players could play one of many Marvel superheroes or villains in an all-out action brawler. The biggest characters were there, and it even featured voiceover outtakes at the end of the game where Galactus realizes he's too big for the sound booth. The success of the game meant that there would be a sequel, and Activision has finally given us the website for the sequel. The website showcases a really awesome panoramic view of all the heroes fighting amidst the chaos of the protests for and against the Superhero Registration Act. You can check out the latest news, media and and you can even join the community there. Seeing this site really gets me that much more excited for the game. Check out the website, and get yourself hyped up for what will most likely be an awesome sequel. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 website up