Neil Gaiman on Batman's swan song

Batman is dead. Well, Bruce Wayne is. Supposedly. It's only fitting that when a character of his caliber dies, that a big-name author should come in and write a tribute. DC realized this and tapped Neil Gaiman to write the eulogy for Batman. And he almost turned it down. In an interview with Wired, Gaiman says that he was offered the chance to pick up where Grant Morrison left off. "I found myself saying things like, 'I don't have time' and 'I have sworn to never write mainstream comics again,'" Gaiman said. "But I ended up saying, 'Of course I'm there!" The interview talks about Gaiman's approach to the character and his reverence for the Batman mythology. An interesting tidbit he drops however doesn't have to do with Batman. It has to do with Sandman. "There is talk of an HBO Sandman, because no one quite knows what to do with it. But the truth is, if anybody is going to make a Sandman movie, it will probably be a kid in film school right now to whom The Sandman was the most important thing ever. It will take the amount of commitment, dedication and madness that Peter Jackson brought to Lord of the Rings to get it on the screen. Honestly, it could happen after I am dead. " So to all you film students out there, Gaiman is waiting. The interview is a great read, so click on over and check it out. Neil Gaiman on Batman's swan song