New Arrivals: April 15, 2009

This week there are two books that I'm paying particularly close attention to. They come from different publishers and deal with completely different subjects, but both should be good reads nonetheless. Those books are 100 Bullets #100 and The Living Corpse Hack/Slash Annual #1. 100 Bullets #100 has reached its conclusion. The final fate of Agent Graves and his cohorts will be determined, and if you're unfamiliar as to why you should care about this series, check out Tedd's excellent column about the premise and books to date. 100 issues is a milestone for any comic, and this is even more bittersweet because it's the last. The Living Corpse Hack/Slash Annual #1 is a giant-sized 48 page annual featuring The Living Corpse, Cassie and Vlad up against the Jersey Devil. They have to fight together to save the Pine Barrens area of New Jersey. This is one of those crazy crossover events, but it looks like it has some great promise. Enjoy! New Arrivals: April 15, 2009