New Arrivals: April 22, 2009

Huzzah for Earth Day! Yes sir, tomorrow is the day where citizens of the planet should pay homage by respecting it for at least one day. This year it also happens on that hallowed Wednesday of every week to comic book fans: new comic book day. What fantastic issues are in stock this week that you should turn your eye towards? It's hard not to be following Batman these days, regardless of where you stand on him as a character. The Battle for the Cowl that is currently raging seeks to fill the void supposedly left by Bruce Wayne's "death." The latest entrant into that storyline is Battle for the Cowl: Arkham Asylum #1. David Hine and Jeremy Haun (of Berserker fame) bring you a tale of a Gotham torn apart by nightmares and madness in this special one-shot. The void left by Batman's absence has encouraged the residents of Arkham Asylum to tear the walls down and unleash their madness. It's gotten so bad that Arkham's administrator, Dr. Jeremiah Arkham, is on the brink of losing himself in the madness. Enjoy! New Arrivals: April 22, 2009