New Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen trailer before X-Men Origins: Wolverine

First thing, we need shorter movie titles. The two mentioned here are ridiculously long. That out of the way, Michael Bay has just posted on his message board that we can expect to see a new trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen before X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I'm sure this one will have a bit more substance to it and not be a series of single second clips. He also mentioned that Steven Spielberg had praise for Bay's work on the sequel. From his message board: Steven Spielberg sat next to me in a big 100 person theater at Sony today. There were 98 empty seats. The lights came up after we just watched my cut of Revenge of the Fallen. He turned to me and said "It's awesome". He felt this movie was better then the first - and probably my best, who knows - at this point in a movie you start to lose your objectivity. I just hope the fans like it. I'm going to start putting it in front of audiences in a few weeks - no you are not invited, yet. We have 60 days left. Let me tell you it will be a race to finish. It's 12 at night and we are still working here in the edit room. Everyone at ILM and DD are killing themselves right now, they are doing a stellar job on the effects. We also just finished our trailer which is coming out with Wolverine. Talk to you soon. I suppose that it bodes well for viewers that Spielberg felt this film was better than the first (I think the best statement was Bay's). And soon certain lucky audiences will be given the chance to check it out in advance of the June 24 release date. Until then, you have the trailer to look forward to. Michael Bay's Message Board