Planet of Beer

A lot of people would love to be on a planet of beer. Perhaps you could envision yourself swimming through lakes of beer a la Uncle Scrooge in gold coins in Ducktales. You'd have to be weary of the yeast dragging you down, and you wouldn't want to drink any of it since you're practically bathing in it. But still, the concept is novel. Dark Horse is taking that concept to another level with the upcoming release of Planet of Beer. Planet of Beer collects the best and strangest comic strips from a popular weekly comic called the Smell of Steve. Brian Sendelbach's mischievous characters include underloved underwater superheroes, space-faring former U.S. presidents, soul-sucking alien DJs, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and other magical creatures as they pool their efforts to find the Planet of Beer. The book is aimed at those that like their comics "absurd, awesome, and maybe just a tiny bit disturbing and wrong." The book is due out April 15 for $14.95, and you can go ahead and preorder a copy if you're really feeling it. It's 18+ (obviously), but it seems like a good time. Planet of Beer