Preview of new Justice Society creative team

Geoff Johns is as synonymous with Justice Society of America as peanut butter is with jelly. I mean, he's been writing that book forever. Sometimes though it's time to move on and bring on some new blood to a project. Which is exactly what's happening with Justice Society of America. Johns will be leaving the book with Justice Society of America #26, so that old familiarity won't be there anymore. But fear not! The Source by DC has some previews of the new creative talent working on the series. Writer/artist Jerry Ordway will step in briefly (issues #27-28) to be followed by the new regular creative team of writers Bill Willingham and Matt Sturges and artist Jesus Merino. Willingham and Sturges have created a name for themselves on Fables, Shadowpact and Salvation Run. Merino though may be a little less well-known, and because of that DC has loosed a few bits of art from Justice Society of America #29 when the new guys take over. You can check out the art below, and then click over to the DC Source blog and share your thoughts on the new art. Preview of new Justice Society creative team