Review: Heroes - I Am Sylar

We're treated with a pleasant old man in Richmond, VA, who will shortly be threatened by Sylar and warned by Rebel. And that mutant is Clint Howard, the brother of Ron. Good times. He can shatter objects with his mind, but basically serves as yet another power for Sylar to absorb. This introduction was a pretty good indicator of the episode, in that we knew we would be seeing lots and lots of Sylar. Sylar's identity crisis is great. He's been a walking terror just collecting powers and assuming countless identities. But they've finally decided to delve into the psychology of the character. I mean, it's only natural that he would be having issues settling on who he really is, because his entire life he has acted as he expected those around him had perceived him. Danko's advice to find an "anchor" was a nice touch, even though his was a Soviet issue pocket watch that ran three minutes fast (explanation courtesy of Sylar's unique ability). In his quest to find himself he deals with his past in the form of his mother. Yep, he has a schizophrenic conversation with himself as Sylar and his mom. And he's turning into his mom and back in Sylar. Sylar's losing it and it's freaking awesome. He's brought in to confront Micah. He doesn't know that it's Micah until they actually get there and find out that Rebel is just a kid. The act of kindness exhibited by Sylar in saving Micah was refreshing and continues his inner grapplings. Micah is persistent in believing that Sylar is the one that can truly make a difference and save them, and he really is different. Except all this time he thought he was different in a different, negative way. I mean, he's always been special, but he just thought it was because he was so powerful. Even better, he's turning into his mom and using her as justification for his actions. He even gets forgiveness in his mind, freeing him to be anything he wants (including President). His press conference as Nathan Petrelli was freaking brilliant. The writers threw in a nice touch with Sylar saying "when the President shakes my hand, things will change." Ando and Hiro are watching, while the new company (sorry, family) watches on, planning their next steps. Hiro and Ando have a good thing going here. They've been together from the start, and I really appreciate the writers showing them going through growing pains together. Hiro is still a little miffed that Ando has a power, but I'm sure he's going to be even more upset after realizing that Ando isn't affected by Hiro's time stopping. Intriguing. Props to the Batman and Superman references, even down to the Superman fascism that Ando accuses Hiro of. They even worked in Batman's paranoia when the two of them planned their partnership. Hopefully we'll find out what Hiro's kryptonite is. Danko tried killing Sylar? And he didn't die? That whole back of the head thing apparently doesn't work anymore it would seem. This means that Peter is looking ripe to get his full powers back because right now it seems that Sylar is just invincible. The assault is back on, looking for all the other heroes which was inevitably part of Danko's plan. The troops take down Mohinder, surround Parkman and stop HRG, Claire and Angela on the road as they take them down. Nathan is lying in his office tranquilized (thanks to Danko) and now Sylar is pissed. Fantastic all around. This episode was phenomenal. Sylar was the focus, and the way they explored his character was both maddening and chilling. Like he was really losing it for a while, but he's now convinced himself that he's the answer to everything. Only his version of the answer is whatever he feels is necessary at the time. This is the second to last episode of the season and a big loss is being pushed for next week. This is the way to do it guys (to the writers). Focus on a few key characters per episode and not try and keep bouncing back and forth. The bouncing doesn't really allow for any story development, and just adds to the confusion. Please don't let me down with the season finale. Overall score: 94 out of 100