Review: Heroes - Turn and Face the Stranger

Merrily (or reluctantly depending on your thoughts on this season) we march toward the conclusion of the fourth installment of the show Heroes. And really, I'm still kind of confused with all the characters, powers and storylines. Did this week's episode do anything to allay my worries and clear my perception of the show? HRG isn't so sure that Sylar is really dead, as the episode opens up with an autopsy of his own. The autopsy was going well until his wife showed up at Building 16. How did she know where it was? It doesn't seem like HRG to let her know where he would be operating out of. I mean, she's smart and all, but this is supposed to be a super secret clandestine operation. Does everyone know about it now? In any case, she's still looking for Claire. Or is she? See, apparently Sylar has shifted into her. Earlier, he revealed his plan to Danko to "destroy" Noah. And serving him forged divorce papers is the perfect way to go about doing it. Will the writers please tell us how Sylar knew that Noah was having marital problems? And he shapeshifted into her, but I thought he got that power from touching someone? Sylar added the Sandra shapeshift to his collection by shaking her hand as fake Danko when she first arrived and was let into Building 16 just because Noah said it was ok. I really hope that this shapeshifting thing doesn't get out of hand. I mean, when Noah confronted Danko about Sylar, Danko told him who Sylar was parading as. But when Noah confronted Sylar (shifted into someone else), Danko denied ever telling him that, prompting Noah to shoot the guy in the back of the head to prove his point. The guy doesn't get up, prompting Noah to flee for thinking he killed an innocent man. Nope! Turns out Sylar has a new power where he can completely bleed out to make it look like he died. This scene I know the writers wanted you to think that the Danko Noah talked to was really Sylar, and Noah really did kill an innocent person. But now we have to question every single person in this show because it could be Sylar, which might start to get really annoying. Matt has decided to go all sixteen in the clip and one in the hole against Danko for Daphne's death. First he's going to screw with his mind. He sends Danko (Jakob) to see the person he cares about most who is in danger. And that person turns out to be an incredibly hot girlfriend named Elena that brings out the softer side of Danko. She used to be an escort. Fun. Parkman takes it upon himself to enlighten her about the true side of Danko in an act of vengeance for killing Daphne. Parkman forces him (Jakob) to tell Elena about his true life, and upon confronting Elena he destroys their relationship. Parkman draws the gun to kill Elena, but finds that he can't. Danko's bullet is stopped by Hiro showing up and introducing Matt to his son. It was revealed earlier that when he's upset things stop working (opposite when he's happy). I understand that realizing you have a child is an emotional scene, but Parkman gave it no second thought when Hiro and Ando presented the kid to him. It could have been any random child they found on the street and said it was his kid. I did think it was a really nice touch though to have the big car and the little car racing circles around Parkman as he held his son, who was clearly extremely happy. The Petrellis are trying to get to Coyote Sands for the big family reunion and to get answers. Those answers involve digging with some conveniently placed shovels to seek the remains of who knows who. Right as Peter and Mrs. Petrelli arrive, Nathan and Claire swoop in from above, bringing up the standard Peter hissyfit about not trusting Nathan. The two reconcile somewhat and start digging while Mrs. Petrelli looks on. Noah gets there during the digging after fleeing New York. I really don't like the introduction of the shapeshifter thing. It gives the writers too much of a blank check, and Sylar is even more powerful with no clear balance in the immediate future. Sure, I'll guess that Peter will encounter the baby, who will have his power amplfied by Ando giving Peter all his powers back. The mass graveyard they're digging up is supposed to have some relevance, but it's lost on me at the moment. We're set for another shocking revelation next week where we'll no doubt meet another character who is vital to the heroes survival for whatever reason (pick one). And I really could have done without the Japanese Spanish cowboy from Lubbock Texas. Seriously guys? Only three more episodes left in this season. The writers have their work cut out for them. Overall score: 84 out of 100


  1. ya slayr touched mrs bennet when she was in the building and sylar as looknig line danko. what i dont get is noah is som esort of smart badass but you figure when he goes to confront sylar with danko and the other angents that he would have that proff that the spike he removed from teh fake sylar was really taht other guy thus proving sylar is still alive i mean i thought he was smart, how they wrote noah seem so completely out of character like they were thinking hmm how can we make noah look like a bad guy and get him out the building. i am not sure bout these last three episodes but this might be my last season of watching. and what was with that japanese guy from texas?? just dumb

  2. If your confuse how Sylar turn into Sandra then you were not paying attention to the episode. Think back.... what did Danko(Sylar) do when he first meet Sandra? He shook hands with her. The writers are not going to baby you when it comes to these events. You have to solve it by yourself.

    Matt giving no second though when Hiro and Ando presented the kid to them?

    Um excuse me but you have not paid any attention to any of the characters what so ever. Will Hiro, a honorable, hero ever lie to his friends and cohorts? No, and Matt knows what time of person Hiro is. Even so, Matt is also a police officer, so he had training and can tell when people are lying.

    Conveniently placed shovels? Peter and Angela went their in a car.

    Peter having a hissyfit? It is natural to have a fit when your only brother you love betrays you. So you can not complain about this one.

    Pay more attention to the episode next time.

  3. I do remember now that Danko shook hands with Sandra, so my mistake on that one (thanks for reminding me). I'd still like to know how she knew where to go, because I'm pretty sure the location of Building 16 would be classified above Top Secret.

    Parkman's acceptance of his kid is more of a knock on Parkman and not Hiro. I find it hard to believe that a man suddenly approached by someone (regardless of past friendships) who says he has his kid would in a split second just accept that kid as his own. Wouldn't you ask something at least? The mom? Where did the kid come from? How you know it's actually yours? Especially considering Sylar is now a shapeshifter the baby could have been Sylar shapeshifted just to get close to Parkman and get his power. You never know.

    I was under the impression that Peter and Angele flew to the desert, considering all their credit cards were blocked and Angela had very little cash. Wasn't aware they rented a car to get there. And there's only so many times that Peter can feel betrayed by Nathan. I'm losing count at this point.

    I just feel that the writers of this show just don't get it. They seem to be living off of the success of the first season and really have no idea what they want to happen in the end, so they just kind of make it up as they go along.


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