Spawn books hitting stores

May is a good month if you're a Spawn fan. Why do you ask? Two quality books and a comic book will all hit stores in May for you Spawn fans to snatch up and enjoy. Those books include Spawn #192, Spawn: Architects of Fear and Spawn: Origins Volume 1. Spawn #192 feature Jim continuing on his individual journey, but begins to rely more and more on the Spawn suit to sustain him. Meanwhile, Sam and Twitch make a discovery that could prove interesting. Spawn: Architects of Fear focuses on an elite group of Angels (the Caste of Architects) who need Spawn's help to retrieve one of their living weapons, the Horsaak-El. Horsaak-El has decided to stop preying on the souls of the damned and is now going after the innocent, and in order to get Spawn to help them the Caste have essentially given Marc (his brother) right in the soul devourer's path. Spawn: Origins Volume 1 feature a fresh take on Spawn #1-6 for those of you that might have missed out the first time. There are also new interpretations of the classic covers by Greg Capullo. Spawn books hitting stores