Spider-Man: The Short Halloween 10-page preview

Marvel Comics is joining up with a funnyman. A funnyman not named Stephen Colbert. And actually, it's two funnymen this time, as opposed to one. SNL cast members Bill Hader and Seth Meyers to be exact. The two of them are teaming up with comic book illustrator Kevin Maguire to create a Spidey one-shot called Spider-Man: The Short Halloween. The story is about what would happen if the real Spider-Man was mistaken for a guy dressed in a Spider-Man costume for a Halloween party and inadvertently goes to the party. Meanwhile, the fake Spider-Man somehow winds up fighting crime on the streets. The 10-page preview is below, courtesy of MTV Splash Page. There's no lettering or anything, but don't let that stop you from checking out the images and adding your own dialogue. Considering that two SNL folks are involved your custom dialogue probably wouldn't be too far off from what will actually be in there. Spider-Man: The Short Halloween 10-page preview