Stranger Danger coming soon

Monsters vs. Aliens is the latest non-Pixar CGI-animated movie to do really well at the box office that will most inevitably lose to Pixar come Oscar time (this time Pixar has Up). If you haven't gotten your aliens fix though from what is supposed to be a stellar film, then a new book from Arcana Comics could help fill that void. Stranger Danger is about a group of misguided aliens who find constant resistance from an unassuming opponent. That opponent is a video store owner named Strange that the aliens think is a master alien slayer because he accidentally shot down their mother ship. This is enough of a reason for the aliens to begin the rampant plotting of revenge. The book is written by Jeff Aden and features pencils and inks by the trio of Ray Catuto, Junior Bruce and Jenn Lee. It's available from Arcana Studios for the low low price of $14.99. Stranger Danger